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Learn About the Element of Color: Definitions of Color Groups

What are the Primary, Secondary Tertiary and Complimentary Colors?

Primary colors are colors red, blue and yellow. Primary colors can not be made, meaning you can not mix colors together to get a primary color. Primary colors are the result of other colors. You can mix these colors to CREATE other colors. Yes, you can not create primary colors, yet, you can mix primary colors to create other colors.

Secondary colors are the colors you make when you blend primary colors. For instance, mixing primary colors yellow and blue make green, which is a secondary color. Primary colors blue and red make secondary color, purple. Primary colors red and yellow make orange!

Additive and subtractive secondary colors are when you add white or black to a secondary color creates the additive or subtractive color.

Tertiary colors are when primary and secondary colors are mixed together. By mixing primary and secondary colors together, you get a lighter or darker hue in a tertiary color. For more information on tertiary colors visit our "The Fashion of the Color Wheel: Dressing for Senior Portraits"

Complimentary colors are when colors match! Colors opposite of each other are complimentary colors. These colors will work well together for portraits. Aren't you excited for your senior portraits now?! Visit our "The Fashion of the Color Wheel: Dressing for Senior Portraits" and get your outfits together for your senior portraits. Schedule your appointment: 602.265.2605 and find out why Duke Photography has the best senior photographers in Arizona. Get your senior portrait package for as low as $126!

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