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A Formal Photography Client Tells Us Her Inspirational Story!

Kathy "The Great" McCarthy Gets Accepted To Deborah Maddox Model Agency Upon Taking Formal Photographs at Duke Photography, Inc.

Duke Photography, Inc. had the honor to photograph Kathy McCarthy’s formal photographs in November 2013. On February 2014 she earned a position as a model at Deborah Maddox Agency. Because we were so interested in Kathy’s success story we reached out to her in hope that she would tell us about her interesting life story. Needless to say we got the story - and what an amazing story it is. She has officially been named “Kathy the Great” around the photography studio.

After losing a friend to cancer when Kathy was 47 she chose to re-evaluate her life and priorities. Despite battling arthritic pain and a family history of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disease, stroke, early onset arthritis and 30-pounds over her weight goal, Kathy dedicated herself to improving her health. Kathy employed many avenues including physical therapy, massage, Weight Watchers and working out at the gym. At the age of 50 years old, just three years after her friend’s passing away, Kathy lost 30-pounds, had a healthier lifestyle and a body full of muscle. Kathy decided to compete in a body building circuit for three shows until the young age of 52-years old when she decided to move on to bigger and better things.

“This (bodybuilding) sport increases confidence 100 fold. I often tell people if you have any passion for bodybuilding move on it while you can and don’t look back.”

Formal Photography Model Kathy McCarthy

Kathy’s youngest son was chronically and a patient at Phoenix Children's Hospital for several years. This compelled Kathy to give back to the people that cared for her and her family and in November 1999 she was employed by the hospital. Kathy works as an EEG in the Neurodiagnostics Department as a medical transcriptionist and scheduler and an Administrative Assistant and Admissions Coordinator for the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit.

One of Kathy’s good friends convinced her to expand her creative side and to pursue modeling. In November 2013, Kathy visited Duke Photography to take formal photographs to expand her modeling portfolio and soon there after, in February 2014, Kathy signed with the Deborah Maddox Agency.

"I encourage people to move forward on their dreams and do not let setbacks, illness, self-limiting thoughts, negative people and circumstances get in the way. Surround yourself with positive people and thought processes. Expect some people to not understand or oppose your forward thinking. Go for your passion anyway. Do not be a people pleaser. Use your faith, passion, true friends, and supportive family to propel you to be the best you there is and don't look back. Sure there are roadblocks and bad days. Give yourself freely and help people along the way if they are willing to accept it. If not, move on to help someone else. Love abundantly. Live fully and enjoy each day you are given on this earth."

Thank you for the inspirational story “Kathy the Great.” Duke Photography, Inc. is honored, humbled and proud to have such a great client and friend. If you would like to follow Kathy please visit her facebook page (you must sign in to facebook to view her page).

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