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The Fashion of the Color Wheel: Dressing for Senior Portraits

Simplicity and Neutrality Goes a Long Way

After you are done reading the information below, visit our "The Element of Color: How to Dress for Senior Photographs" and the "Senior Portraits: Top 8 Major Mistakes" for information on the basic necessities you should look in to when picking out your outifts.

The goal of a great photograph is to direct your attention to the face or faces in the portrait. Simple things like a garment with a full length sleeve and medium to darker colors really enhance your face (check our senior clothing tips for more information).The colors brown, rust, burgundy, green, blue or red are very pleasing colors in a photograph. Darker shades also give a slimming effect. Bold stripes and plaids can be confusing to the eye and do not photograph as well as plain colors especially in group portraits.

Proper clothing allows the face to dominate the portrait. All other elements should be secondary. Light colored clothing is appropriate against a white or pastel background. White does well against white. Gem colors work very well together if you want a bright look against a light background.

Memorable portraits take careful planning. The clothing you select is very important. Choose clothing that you feel comfortable wearing. Make sure clothes are pressed as wrinkles are difficult to retouch. Clothing is much more flattering with a sleeve, unless of course you are showing off your muscles ☺. If you wear make-up, make sure to not over do it! If you have any blemishes, a light concealer works miracles.

Ladies: Avoid plunging necklines. Don’t go for that tan a day before your sitting. Too much risk for getting sunburned!

Guys: Get your haircut about a week before your portrait session.

We have many props for you to use, however you are free to bring in all the props you want…especially for your personality pose. This is your year to shine… MAKE A STATEMENT… You will treasure these portraits for the rest of your life. You only get to be a High School Senior once in your life!

Learn more about Primary, Seconday, Tertiary and Complimentary Colors

Neutral Color Tone

Now that you are ready to get creative learn about the Element of Color: How To Dress for Senior Photographs. Make sure to pick out your best outfits for when you are ready to take your senior pictures.

We love to boast about our senior portrait alumni! One of our seniors from Highland High School tells us about her National American Miss story. Click here to read about her summer.

Make sure to schedule your portrait session well in advance, arrive 15-minutes before your scheduled sitting, have your hair style ready and be comfortable - you will look great.

Duke Photography is proud of their high school seniors. For your convenience, visit our website we created for you. Are you nervous about graduating? Do not be - Duke Photography is here to help guide you through the graduation process

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