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The Element of Color: How to Dress for Senior Photographs

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The goal of a great photograph is to direct your attention to the face, or faces, in the portrait. Simple things like a garment with a full length sleeve and medium to darker colors really enhance your face. Visit our color wheel of fashion for more information on how to utilize color tones. Our photographers utilize the element of color when taking senior portraits. It is important that you feel comfortable, confident and ready to go when taking your senior portraits.

1st Outfit: Keep It Simple

We suggest that you stay safe with your first portrait sitting. Formal and formidable is our motto. Black, brown and white are safe colors to use during the first photographic session with your photographer. What would you wear to church or a family gathering? That’s the kind of mind set you need to have you’re your first sitting. Please make sure to tell your photographer what type of colors you will be wearing before your portrait session so that we can utlize our studio and environmental areas to the best of our ability.

1st Oufit Should Be Simple

2nd Outfit: Coordinate Your Colors (click here learn more about primary, secondy and complimentary colors)

This is when you can have some fun! This is the friend pleaser. Wear what you wear, and wear it good. Duke Photography will suggest that you bring in your favorite outfit for this particular photographic sitting. Investigate our "Fashion with the Color Wheel" to help you with color coordination. If you are having trouble making up your mind on what colors to wear bring in a variety of options and let our photographers help you.

2nd Oufit Should Be Coordinated

3rd Outfit: Be Creative As Can Be! (get color ideas with our "Fashion of the Color Wheel")

This is your wild card, crowd pleasing, personality and attention getter senior portrait sitting! This is where creativity meets personality. Who are you and what do you do? Who are you going to be? Why? Keep this in mind… this photography sitting will answer all the questions people have about you.

1st Oufit Is Creative
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