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"Took daughter there for her senior pictures. From the moment you walk in the door you feel welcome. All of the employees are extremely helpful, one even went so far as to let my daughter use her hair clip since my daughter had forgotten hers." - Donna V.

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High School Senior Photographers and Portrait Studio

Call: 602.265.2605 and find out why Duke Photography is the most sought after for creative professional senior photographers in Arizona. Take advantage of this moment right now and call 602.265.2605 to get your senior portrait package for as little as $126. Over the many years of serving the Phoenix Metropolitan area Duke Photography has photographed thousands of young men and women for their high school senior portraits. Among some of the high schools we regularly take senior photographs for are Highland, Gilbert, Red Mountain, Higley, Basha, Xavier College Preparatory, Brophy College Preparatory, Camelback, North, Central, Westview, Millennium, Agua Fria, Desert Edge, Verrado, Tolleson, La Joya, Copper Canyon, Marcos De Niza, Tempe, Mesa, Sunnyslope, Washington, Cortez and many other high schools… If you are a senior and will be graduation soon, visit our senior website for graduation preparation and other information that will help get you through the rest of year!

You have a choice as to either take your senior portraits on-location at home or somewhere around Arizona, inside our studio, outside in our environmental area, or both. Do you want to bring your car to be photographed in your senior portraits? We have space for that. There are multiple outfit changes during your senior photography session so wear what makes you comfortable. If you schedule your session at the right time you can view your proofs twenty mintues after your senior portrait session is finished.

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How to dress for senior photographs

The Element of Color: How to Dress for Senior Photographs

If you want to speak with a senior photographer about what to dress for portrait session, please call: 602.265.2605. There are simple clothing techniques to remember when you visit Duke Photography for your high school senior photography session. The first simple thing to remember is to keep in mind that your photographs should focus on your face. There are multiple outfit changes during your senior portrait session, so be sure to utilize and take advantage of each outfit change. Click here to read about "The Element of Color: How to Dress for Senior Photographs" which will take you step by step as to how to organize the best outfits for your senior portrait session. Also, if you are a nervous about graduating from high school, don't be! Duke Photography cares about their seniors... We have made a website specifically for you regarding how the graduation process goes as well as other information to help ease your nerves.

Senior Photography Fashion

The Fashion of the Color Wheel: Dressing for Senior Portraits

Do you have your outfits picked out? Call 602.265.2605 and schedule your senior portrait session to get rockin' and rollin'. If you are looking to jazz up your outfits with some extra color please click here to read about "The Fashion of the Color Wheel: Dressing for Senior Portraits." We want your senior photographs to shout your name! We want your personality to show through and through. Are you a fancy chick that wants to wear a pink dress with snappy yellow earrings? Do it! If you are an athlete and want to bring in your football, basketball or baseball? Do it! Just make sure that the color tones work together. We love our seniors and want to do all we can to take care of them. We have created a website specifically for high school seniors that talk about graduation preperation and other things that will ease nerves you may have.

Top 9 Mistakes Seniors Make

Senior Portraits: Top 8 Major Mistakes

It is crucial that you have a professional photographer for your senior portrait session. We can't begin to tell you how much money has been wasted on amateur photographers who ruin senior portraits because they do not know what they are doing. After all, you are paying an amateur photographer to learn how to do photography... Wouldn't it be great if someone paid you to learn how to stop making mistakes?... Duke Photography has over half a century of experience in high school senior photography! We are here to make sure you look amazing! Click here to learn about the "Top 8 Major Mistakes" that seniors can make during their senior photography session that an amateur will forget to mention. Before you go senior! Check out our high school senior website that we created specifically for you.

Professional Senior Photographers Are Closer Than Ever! NOW with a new studio in Tempe!

It is important to have a professional senior photographer for your senior portraits! Schedule your appointment: 602.265.2605 and find out why Duke Photography is the best senior photography studio in Arizona. Make sure to ask for your $126 Senior Portrait Package.

Online specials! Call now to reserve your sitting: 602.265.2605