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Senior Portraits: Top 8 Major Mistakes Seniors Can Make

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Mistake #1: Wearing the wrong clothes

Wearing the wrong clothing can add up to a 40-pound difference in the way your senior portraits look. Be sure to look at our outfit recommendations by visiting "element of color: how to dress for senior photographs." Most people do not know what photographs well, and so our job is to help prepare you the best we can.

Senior Photography Mistake Wearing Wrong Clothes
Mistake #2: New haircut or not haircut

Your hair is an integral part to your appearance in your photograph. It is part of the focus of the overall photograph. We all have bad hair days. A bad hair day photographed can seem permanent. A portrait sitting on a bad hair day may bringing harm to the overall focus of your portrait (please check our senior fashion page for more information).

There are certain things that separate Duke Photography from other photography studios in Arizona, and that is that our photographers pay attention to every detail. For instance, the lighting and environment are key components to take in to consideration when choosing your photographer.

Having a bad hair day? Everyone has those! Here at Duke Photography we want to assure our seniors that if you are get a hair cut for your senior portrait, get one a week before your portrait sitting.

Senior Photography Mistake No Haircut
Mistake #3: Something that embarrasses us all...

And just like everyone has a bad hair day, everyone gets blemishes. Please, do not feel embarrassed or shy to talk about this with your parents and your photographer. After your portrait sitting you may feel the need to talk about blemishes, and please, do. Duke Photography has a team of digital editors - yes it is true. Nobody likes blemishes and we have a secret way to get rid of them... :)

In other words, "there will be no visible blemishes found in your portrait." It comes down to a photography company that cares about their work. Our company prides itself in striving for perfection and customer satisfaction.

Wearing the wrong clothing can add up to a 40-pound difference in the way your senior portraits look. Be sure to look at our outfit recommendations by visiting "Element of Color: How to Dress for Senior Photographs." Most people do not know what photographs well, and so our job is to help prepare you the best we can.

Mistake #4: Do not force your smile

There are over 52 muscles in your face. Now, just think how many you use when you smile. The most important thing is be relaxed when you take your photograph. You know how you take a portrait with your entire family and you have a huge smile from ear to ear because you are happy with everyone? Duke Photography is family owned and operated with over 60-years experience. Family is everything to us and if we can bring the happiness, warmth and comfort that family offers during your portrait sitting, we have done our job.

Senior Photography Mistake Forced Smiling
Major Mistake #5: Feel the rush...

Not having enough time, or being rushed in your photographs is a mistake! Time is either for, or against us. And we have all the time! :) That is why you can count on the Dukes Photographers to take care of you.

Duke Photography has all the time you will need to make help shape a perfect senior portrait sitting. One of the unique facets to our company is that our photographers take the time necessary to create portraits you will be proud of. This is not an assembly line, or factory, or both. It is a time to capture beautiful memories you can share for a life time and beyond.

Mistake #6: Picking the wrong photographer

Make sure you schedule with the right studio. Sometimes today is not the day to take a senior photograph. Sometimes we need time to figure out how we want to take our pictures (please check our senior fashion page for more information). Whether you did not get enough sleep, or that you want more time to put together your outfits, or you had a fight with a boyfriend or girlfriend, etc... just let us know.

We understand everything that may not end up being the best day. Certain things are out of our control and we understand that better than anyone. That is another incredibly unique about Duke Photography!

All you have to do is call in and say, "Hey, I'm not feeling too good about taking my senior portraits today. Sorry, can we reschedule?"

And Duke will say, "I hope everything gets better. Please let us know if we can do anything for you. When is good for you and we will do our best to accommodate you?"

Mistake #7: Point and snap cameras are not professional digital cameras!

Point and snap cameras are not digital professional camera's! I know that it is popular to say to your parents, "Geez, it is just a photo - I will take it myself!" Well, make sure you understand that a professional portrait is professional for a reason. We have been in business for over 60-years with studios in Phoenix and NOW in Tempe. We have been in business this long because photography is our passion and we strive for complete customer satisfaction.

Mistake #8: Being shy hurts your smile

Everybody can spot a nervous or shy smile. On the flip side of that, everyone wants to see the beautiful smile behind the nervous or shy one. This is probably the most important thing you will need to take in to consideration (drum roll please)...

Be natural - being natural is the most beautiful thing about you.

Senior Mistake Shy Hurts Your Smile
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